The explosion of eRetail Media

Digital advertising is looking good at the start of 2021

The IRS e-pub observatory announced last Tuesday a 42% growth in digital advertising compared to 2020 (+ 37% compared to 2019).

The eRetail Media sector has made a strong contribution to this growth (41% growth compared to 2020 vs. 45% growth compared to 2019), in particular thanks to the explosion of Retail Search in recent months.

🔎 📈 Key Retail Media figures to remember from H1 2021:

👉 41% growth in Retail Media (€ 293M)
👉 66% growth in Retail Search (€ 185M)
👉 13% growth in Retail Display (€ 108M)

This growth is driven by regular visits to eCommerce sites, the provision of granular data by retailers, ease of performance monitoring and the emergence of new formats.

If you want to know the techniques of e-Retail Media, do not hesitate to read the interview by the Mobile Marketing Association of Charles Deffontaine, CEO and Co-Founder of TRYGR. It’s here !

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