TRYGR guarantees compliance with the directives of the CNIL and the European Union in terms of general data protection regulations (GDPR). We consider the protection of user data and respect for their privacy as a fundamental value. We guarantee you the control and transparency of data collection.

Your users’ data is protected against loss, unauthorized access, accidental alteration or any other form of unlawful processing.

How is your data protected ?


We protect your data against accidental disclosure to third parties


We protect your data from unauthorized modification.


If necessary, access to your data can be provided to the necessary people

We continually ensure that we are in compliance with the CNIL and European directives.

How long is your data kept ? 

TRYGR. is committed to ensuring that data is collected and kept only for the period defined for the achievement of the objectives.

You have control over your data

Who should I turn to regarding GDPR?

We are at your disposal to help you implement our solution in compliance with the GDPR. Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is available to answer your questions and assist you in your process.

To contact our DPO: dpo@tygr.io

Any questions ? We’re here to help.