Our story

TRYGR. the unique eMerchandising and eRetail

solution for your e-commerce.

Created in 2020 by Charles Deffontaine and Marc de Rodellec, TRYGR. optimises revenues for multi and single brand e-commerce sites of all sizes.

TRYGR. is the leading all-in-one solution for automating the marketing of your products and/or supplier brands. The services available on the platform, the optimized and personalized management of the customer journey, and the support of the teams reinforce your ability to increase your revenues.

Our mission

TRYGR. is an enthusiastic and dynamic company offering eMerchandising, eRetail Marketing and eCommerce & eRetail Consulting solutions based on 1st party data technology.

TRYGR allows you to increase your sales and revenues, create a personalized customer experience, and increase the readability of your products with our native widgets.

The aim is to boost the sales of e-commerce websites while optimizing the customer experience through personalization modulated by artificial intelligence.

For e-retailers, it is a question of increasing the visibility of promoted products, developing buyer knowledge, reaching an audience based on online buying behaviour, analysing the impact of eRetail Media campaigns on sales and monitoring investments in real time: finer ROI and ROAS calculation, product rating, transparent data, improved conversion rate.

TRYGR. accompanies you throughout the process to guarantee a quality service.

Our values

Our expertise and knowledge of the digital advertising market allows us to offer an innovative and evolving service to our clients.

Transparency, integrity
This is the foundation of our solution. We protect the data and interests of our clients and their brands.

Team spirit
We are partners and work hand in hand to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.