Discover the interview by the Mobile Marketing Association of Charles Deffontaine, CEO and Co-founder of TRYGR, an eRetail Media specialist who aims to support e-merchants in the monetization of their digital spaces.


The story of TRYGR. ?

Charles Deffontaine – TRYGR has been in existence since May 2020 and its brand stands for TRY, “ a try” in rugby, and GR for Growth, “growth”. We aim to support e-merchants in creating their e-Retail media / Marketing offer, and in optimizing their eMerchandising in the broad sense.
While all the big e-commerce players have developed their e-Retail media offer, this subject has not yet been addressed by smaller merchants. The ambition of TRYGR is precisely to support this typology of e-merchants to address this problem.
For example, we are working with Golf Plus, an e-merchant specializing in golf, on the creation and implementation of an eRetail Media offer on their site. This involves tracking Internet users, valuing First Party data, but also setting up an offer in search, category pages or product pages, with sponsored recommendations.


What’s the impact of mobile ?

CD – Retail Media will allow e-merchants to better monetize their mobile audiences. Today, these inventories do not have the same conversion rates as those seen on desktop, but we can nonetheless maximize the monetization of these pages with an eRetail Media advertising offering and thus create a new line of revenue.
The mobile makes it possible to reach the user as close as possible to the act of purchase, both digitally but also in the future at the point of sale.
By bringing digital and point-of-sale data together, we can increase the performance and transformation rates of sales generated by this channel.

Towards a convergence between Trade Marketing and Retail Media ?

CD – These two budgets are already very close, but our conviction is that they will soon merge, especially for small brands, which have limited budgets and need to optimize their investments.
The important thing is to go where the ROAS is the highest. And thanks to first party data, it is obviously in digital points of sale that we obtain the best results.

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