A still dynamic trend for e-commerce in France

E-commerce continues to grow strongly

Fevad, the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, announced this Tuesday, September 28, 2021 the results of e-commerce in the second quarter of 2021.


A turnover that is still as dynamic

E-commerce turnover reached 32.4 billion euros, an increase of 25% compared to Q2 2020, due to the restart of services. These had fallen during the second quarter of 2020 following the various confinements. This led to a 45% increase in this sector in the second quarter of 2021, thanks in particular to the recovery in travel and leisure, up 146%, but also to the high number of new online shopping sites.


A 16% acceleration of the new site creation indicator

The quarterly indicator of the creation of new merchant sites has experienced a marked acceleration to the tune of 16%, which represents 27,000 new e-commerce sites over one year, which is the equivalent of the creation of a merchant site every year. every 20 minutes.

An third confinement in good weather

Following the third confinement, the sale of products online follows a stable trend compared to the first confinement which had experienced a meteoric increase of 44% compared to Q2 2019. With physical stores being closed, the turnover of the sector e-commerce of physical stores increased by 8%.



Fevad, being representative of the online sales sector, it is important for us to follow their results regularly. You can find their balance sheet for the second quarter of 2021 in its entirety just here !

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