We offer you a complete support on all
your issues eRetail Marketing

#1 Carrying out an in-depth diagnosis.

#2 Definition of an eRetail strategy.

#3 Drafting of recommendations.

#4 Deployment of actions.

#5 Construction of a dedicated reporting.

TRYGR. takes into account all your eRetail Marketing issues to enable you to increase your eCommerce and eRetail Media development.

360° Support & Competence

With the help of its eRetail Marketing experts, TRYGR. offers you 360° support on all your projects from reflection through construction to operations.

Our teams are qualified in all the following areas:


– Implementation of hyper-personalised customer paths
– Marketing automation scripting
– Segmentation, audience extension

eRetail Media

– Construction of eRetail Media offer
– Implementation of dedicated technological tools
– Management and optimisation of supplier campaigns
– Audience segmentation
– Integration of DSP/SSP bidder platforms
– Constitution of an audience extension offer

Retail Media Projects

– Management of calls for tender
– Knowledge of technological tools
– Construction of dedicated business units
– Training of teams
– Selection and recruitment of talent

Digital Advertising

– Definition of packaged advertising offers
– Creation of innovative formats

We accompany you throughout the process towards a unique and effective eRetail Marketing strategy that suits you


  • Monetizing data :
    Data Sharing & Insight Sharing
  • Choice of tools AdTech & RetailTech & Digital InStore
  • Income development Retail Media & eRetail Media
  • Accompanying the creation of eRetail Media & Data


  • Implementation of eRetail Media solutions
  • Integration of tools AdTech & RetailTech & Digital InStore
  • Implementation of eMerchandising solutions
  • Implementation of Customer Data Platform & Marketing Automation

Want to boost your eCommerce and eRetail Marketing?