According to FEVAD, in the second quarter of 2020, sales on e-commerce platforms generated 25.9 billion euros in turnover. There has been a 5% increase in sales since the first quarter of 2020. This increase is due to the high influx of online consumers during the duration of the lockdown. Although sales of services have slowed significantly, sales of goods have accelerated. This is why brands are investing more and more in online advertising, and more specifically in e-retail media.

What’s e-Retail Media ?

Retail media is the set of advertising offers that a user will find throughout his consumer journey at a traditional distributor or in e-commerce. Advertisements come in many forms. They can be physical, in stores, on posters, on products, at the head of the gondola, but they can also be digital.

Indeed, with e-retail media, brands can increase their visibility on the “digital shelf” through native advertisements and displays on e-commerce sites. Ads can be displayed on the home page, category page, search page, or product detail page to reach consumers at different stages of their journey. To do this, “supplier brands” invest in online campaigns so that their products have better placement and better visibility on the distributor’s site.

Why use it ?

Technologies related to e-retail media make it possible to accurately trace transactional data (carting, cart abandonment, sales) and thus measure ROAS (Revenue On Ad Spent), a marketing indicator that measures how much an advertiser earns in revenue for each euro spent on advertising. For example, if a business spends $ 1,000 on advertising and the revenue generated from campaigns is $ 10,000, then the ROAS will be 10.

The challenges of e-Retail Media ?

The challenge for brands and manufacturers lies in the visibility of their products. The objective is to stand out from the competition on sites with a large number of references. E-retail media therefore contributes to making a brand visible among the many other brands. This allows you to generate significantly greater sales with a measured advertising cost.

E-retail media will generate a virtuous circle allowing brands to benefit from better performance by tracing conversions to the sales generated :


e-retail media

The current context of a global pandemic shows a change in uses, which is reflected in an explosion in online sales coupled with an increase in the time spent on e-commerce sites. E-retail media is therefore the perfect advertising solution to reach consumers in online stores

This new advertising approach represents the future of digital advertising, so it is important for advertisers to adapt their media plans and for e-merchants to capture these new budgets.

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