Personalize your customer journey

Generate additional sales and optimise your conversions thanks to the eMerchandising.

TRYGR. allows you to :

Boost your sales.

Gaining in performance.

Improve the customer experience.

Place the consumer at the center of the strategy and facilitate their journey on your site to bring them closer to the buying process.

TRYGR. allows you to increase your sales by 10% to 15%.

Create a new revenue line with our eMerchandising solution.

An average 5% increase in your incremental turnover thanks to your shopper data.


Boost your sales with hyper-personalization campaigns.

Relevant targeting

Target your audience by retargeting your shoppers and boosting product sales through a direct marketing or retargeting campaign.

Real-time product data

Optimise your stock management with technology that calculates in real-time.


Improve your productivity by automating your products and facilitating the navigation of your e-commerce.

Increase your conversions

Increase your conversion rates by offering a personalized experience to your customers with our native widgets.