Our eRetail Media technology allows you to boost a brand or a product.

Manage the “on site” and “off site” campaigns of your suppliers.


TRYGR. allows you to:

Program your campaigns.

Analyze the results.

Optimize conversions.
Calculate your ROI and ROAS.
Share insights

Discover our different formats


When viewing a category of a “product page”, several sponsored products are recommended.

Our solution is placed on all types of page through recommendation blocks composed of informations on products such as image, title, price, star rating and recommendation algorithms : similar products, complementary products, Best Sellers etc …


When searching for the user, several sponsored products of the same brand appear.

This sponsorship is present on the results list page and is integrated in the 1st position, in the Middle Listing or in the End Listing.

This format is on several products of a single brand with informations on the products: image, title, price, star rating …


When searching for the user or viewing a category, a sponsored product is highlighted within the listing.

The integration is on the results list page and to be defined inside the product listing.

This is a product of a different category with product informations : image, title, price, star rating …

Track and analyze your product campaigns

Target your audience

Retouch your shoppers and boost product sales through direct marketing or retargeting campaigns.